Council proposes new timeline for Local Plan Part 2

Published Friday, 16 November 2018

Following deferment of the publication of Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan Part 2 last month, the council has announced a new timeline, which would see publication of the Pre-Submission (draft) version for consultation in summer 2019.

The deferment allows time for extra engagement with stakeholders, including a series of workshops with parish and town councillors in those areas where Local Plan Part 2 is proposing housing sites, involving the relevant ward members in each area. The events are due to be held in the coming months.  The workshops are designed to allow those who attend to gain an enhanced understanding of the site promotion and selection process; and to be able to feed in to the process of selecting sites for Local Plan Part 2.

In addition, the council will continue to discuss the proposed housing sites with key stakeholders to gain further feedback on issues such as transport impacts, water supply and sewerage, and health provision within those settlements.

Timings are indicative at this stage but it is hoped that following a successful conclusion to these discussions, the council will be in a position to publish Local Plan Part 2 for its Pre-Submission Consultation next summer. This will be a public consultation held for at least six weeks.  All statutory consultees will be notified along with those individuals and businesses registered on the council’s planning consultation database. 

Waverley Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Policy and Customer Services, Councillor Christopher Storey, said: “It is vital that our plans represent our residents’, businesses’ and communities’ aspirations for the future of the borough – and that is why we’ve added extra time for further targeted engagement with our stakeholders.”

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