Tenancy fraud results in home repossession

Published Monday, 16 October 2017

Southampton County Court awarded Waverley possession of a home in Farnham on 4 October due to non occupation and rent arrears over £10,000.

Waverley’s team spent over two years investigating and establishing the case. The court sat for two days.  Neighbours and Officers were cross examined by the defendant, (who represented himself). Waverley will apply for a bailiff warrant in two weeks time so that the home can be let to someone in housing need.

With over 1,500 people waiting for an affordable home in Waverley the council has rules to make sure that homes are rented to those who most need them. But over the past year the council has discovered 33 cases of homes being occupied fraudulently.

Portfolio Holder for Housing Councillor, Carole King said: “Tenancy fraud is not a victimless crime. For every home that is fraudulently occupied there is a person or family with a genuine need being denied access to the home that they are entitled to.”

If any reader suspects that a tenant is subletting a council home, has another home or is occupying a council home that they have no right to, this could be tenancy fraud.

Please report it online or by phone:

Online: www.waverley.gov.uk/reportit

By email: reportfraud@waverley.gov.uk

By phone: 01483 523586


Benefit fraud should be reported directly to the Department of Works and Pensions


0800 854 440


For further information contact:

Tel: 01483  523296

Web : www.waverley.gov.uk

Email: communications@waverley.gov.uk

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