Youth Hub to open in Haslemere

Haslemere Youth Hub

Published Monday, 4 March 2019

Waverley Borough Council has this week given the go ahead to open a Youth Hub in the former Wey Centre in Haslemere.

The centre will host an array of classes and clinics including dance, drama, art, baby groups, singing, yoga, sports and martial arts throughout the day and during the early evening. The middle of the Hub will house a cafe running from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday serving tea, coffee and snacks.

The Hub is designed to provide a safe place for young people to meet, try new activities and take part in community events. One of the rooms is dedicated to Haslemere teenager “Jaz” Bush and will offer free counselling services to young people.

Waverley Borough Council Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Finance and Communications (including Property), Councillor Ged Hall said: "It is absolutely amazing what the team have achieved in such a short space of time. The Wey Centre has long been neglected but now we can move forward and transform it into a youth centre the whole town can be proud of.

“We have been truly overwhelmed by the tradesmen and women of Haslemere who have stepped up and donated their time and materials for the good of community. The team have called them The Haslemere Hub Heroes and all will be named on wall at the centre. It is a fantastic example of what a small group of determined people can achieve. Waverley is proud to give our support to such a great initiative and such a committed team."

Waverley Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Housing, Councillor Carole King and Waverley Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Economic and Community Development, Councillor Jim Edwards will join Mrs Laura Musco and Ms Alison Rose as trustees. 

Councillor King said: "I am excited to serve as a trustee for the new centre. For too long the Wey Centre has suffered from underinvestment and a lack of coherent management. Waverley and the Haslemere Youth Hub team are working closely to make a truly community-based facility for our young people. If you feel your family will use the Hub or you feel this is a worthy project please consider a donation however small. We are building something for all of Haslemere to be proud of.”

Ms Karen Musco, from the Haslemere Hub Team said: "Nadeana and I are really excited to be managing the new youth hub. We are awaiting our formal charity registration due in the coming weeks and hope to raise donations to get new equipment for the centre and help with the ongoing running costs. If you want to support youth services in Haslemere please contact us at


Picture caption

From left to right:

Councillor Carole King, Trustee, The Haslemere Youth Hub

Councillor Jim Edwards, Trustee, The Haslemere Youth Hub

Ms Nadeana Simpson-Hadden, Haslemere Youth Hub team

Ms Karen Musco, Haslemere Youth Hub team

Ms Laura Musco, Trustee, The Haslemere Youth Hub

Councillor Ged Hall, Waverley Borough Council Portfolio Holder (Property)

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