Planning Inspector approves Common Land de-registration of Wey Hill Fairground Car Park

Published Monday, 4 February 2019

A Planning Inspector has made the decision to allow de-registration of the Common Land known as the Wey Hill Fairground Car Park.

In his report, the Inspector, Barney Grimshaw, said that de-registering the Common Land, which is owned by Waverley Borough Council, would have: “little adverse effect on the interests of the neighbourhood” and that it was “unlikely members of the public would choose to use the land for the purpose of air and exercise.” He also acknowledged Natural England’s comment that the site does not have biodiversity or landscape value. This decision means that the council can carry out works to the Haslemere site, which is in poor condition and is currently used as a free and unlined car park.

The council will now employ contractors to carry out site investigation works to better understand the conditions of the land, which will help us to finalise specifications for the re-surfacing works.

As part of the Common Land de-registration process, nearby replacement Common Land has been identified at Sun Brow Wood.

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