Waverley Borough Council urges residents to complete their voter registration forms

Published Friday, 24 August 2018

Waverley Borough Council is reminding residents they need to update or verify their details by Thursday 6 September.

Household enquiry forms have been sent to every address in Waverley. Completing the form is required by law and ensures you are registered to vote.  If you don’t register you can’t vote. This applies to all types of local elections, referendums and parliamentary elections. Registering to vote can also improve your credit rating.

The easiest ways to respond are by going online, using the Freephone number or responding by text:

  • go to www.householdresponse.com/waverley using the security codes provided on your household enquiry form
  • if there are no changes to make you can respond by using the same online service, by phoning the automated number 0800 197 9871, by texting NOCHANGE to 80212.

Alternatively please complete, sign and return the household enquiry form to the council by freepost.

Canvassers employed by Waverley Borough Council will be knocking on doors from 19 September 2018 to collect voter registration details from Waverley residents who have not yet responded to their household enquiry forms. Responding now will avoid the need for a personal visit.

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