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Do I need planning permission? Householder guidance

You can carry out certain building work and change the use of buildings without having to apply for planning permission, providing certain criteria are met. These are known as permitted development rights.

What are permitted development rights?

Permitted development rights are deemed planning permission which allows certain building works and changes of use to be carried out without having to make a planning application. Permitted development rights are subject to conditions and limitations to control impact and to protect local amenity.

Permitted Development rights for Householders - Government issued Technical Guidance.

New legislation from 15 April 2015

New rules regarding what you can do without needing to apply for Planning permission came into force on the 15 April 2015. The relevant legislation is the General Permitted Development Order 2015.

Some links below may take you to guidance regarding the superseded legislation, most of the advice is still relevant but should be checked against the new legislation. These links will be updated in due course.

Extensions / loft conversions / garages and other common projects

Please look up your project in the Planning Portal's list of common projects, for general principles.

Dropped kerb

Complete the online assessment to see if you need planning permission for a dropped kerb.

Checklists for residential extensions and outbuildings

You can download our permitted development planning fact sheets to guide you through the process.

New guidance for rear extensions

There are temporary additional allowances (excluding properties in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas or SSSI) for longer rear extensions - 8m for detached - 6m for other properties, for projects completed before 30 May 2019. Please see Schedule 2 Part 1 Class A.4 of the General Permitted Development Order 2015.

Longer rear extensions will require prior approval.

Renewable energy projects

There are specific limitations regarding renewable energy projects such as solar panels and heat pumps covered under Part 14 of the General Permitted Development Order 2015.

Check planning constraints and history online

Your permitted development rights can be limited, for example, if you live in a conservation area or a listed building, or if there are planning conditions on the property.

Please check the constraints for the site and the recent planning history via the Waverley Planning Maps.

Need full planning history?

If the property was built before 2000, you need to check the full planning history back to 1948.

To check the full planning history of an address in Waverley, please call the Planning Enquiries team on 01483 523583.

Next steps

If you don't need planning permission..

You may still need building regulation approval.

Not sure if you need planning permission?

If you are not sure you need planning permission, Waverley cannot give you an informal view. If you think, having read all the guidance, that you do not need planning permission but would like the formal view of the Council please submit a Lawful Development Certificate.

If it is not clear that the proposed work is permitted development you may wish to consider submitting a Planning application.

More information

Further information can be found in the Government's Planning Practice Guidance.


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