Changes to existing planning permission

If you already have planning permission, you may be able to make small changes to it. This could be moving a door or window or changing a finish. These changes are classed as 'non-material'.

What is a non-material change?

Whether the change is non-material or not will depend on the circumstances of the case - for example, moving a window could be material if it results in overlooking a neighbour, but could be non-material if it does not.

We will not consider the following to be non material:

  • increase/decrease in the size of the building/extension
  • significant increase in the height of an eaves or roof
  • move of a building or extension, even if it is within the same site area
  • change of site area (red line)
  • changes which conflict with a specific condition
  • significant change in elevation (where the proposal would appear materially different to that permitted)
  • inserting a new feature (such as dormer windows that could create an overlooking problem)
  • changes which alter the nature or description of the development
  • multiple minor changes
  • new works or elements not part of the original scheme
  • new works or elements not considered by any environmental statement submitted with the application.

Planning application forms

How much is it?

  • £34 for householder applications (not new dwellings)
  • £234 for other developments

Other amendments

More significant amendments

If your amendment is more significant you have two options:

Listed Building consent - non material amendment

It is not possible to make a formal application for a non material amendment to a Listed Building consent, however, not all changes will require formal Listed Building consent in their own right.

The Council offers the opportunity for you to submit details of the proposed changes to the approved Listed Building consent drawings and receive advice on an informal basis regarding your need to submit a further Listed Building application.

Please fill in the Application for minor amendment to listed building consent and provide details of the proposed alterations.

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