Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) overview

CIL is a levy that local authorities can charge on development in their area. CIL income can be used to contribute towards the funding of infrastructure needed to support new development.

Will I need to pay CIL?  

Use the diagram below to see if you may need to pay CIL.

The zones are shown in maps on the CIL charging schedule.

Process to show whether you may need to pay the CIL


Do you have to pay CIL for permitted development or prior approval?

If a development is permitted under a general consent you must submit a CIL Form 5: Notice of Chargeable Development before you start development.  A general consent means a development order made under section 59 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, it includes prior approvals and permitted development.
The only exception to this requirement is where the development is less than 100 square metres of net additional floorspace and no new dwelling is created, or if the CIL rate for the use is £0 per square metres in our  CIL Charging Schedule

My development may need to pay CIL, what next?

A CIL Additional Information Requirement Form (Form 0) will be requested to validate all applications for:

  • full planning permission, including householder applications
  • reserved matters following an outline planning permission
  • lawful development certificates.

Where an outline application was granted prior to 1 March 2019 but reserved matters approved after this date, CIL is not payable. However, the submission of Form 0 will be required to confirm this.  

Read the 'Planning Application - Additional Information Requirements Guidance before filling in the form.

If your development does not require planning permission or is permitted under a 'general consent' such as permitted development or prior approval you must submit a CIL Form 5: Notice of Chargeable Development to the Council before you commence development.

Further information

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