Help stop plastic pollution

Plastic pollution has a serious impact on the environment. It can end up in the ocean and harm marine wildlife.

Ideas to reduce the use of single use plastic

Here are some ideas to help reduce how much single-use plastic you use:

  • use a refillable water bottle -
  • look out for the Refill logo or try using the Refill app to find your nearest free local water refill station
  • use a reusable coffee cup rather than takeaway ones, which often contain plastic and can't be recycled in Waverley
  • don't use plastic straws unless you need to
  • when shopping, take reusable bags
  • use your own cutlery or sustainable alternatives
  • avoid single-use condiment sachets
  • only buy loose fruit and vegetables
  • ask your butcher, fishmonger or delicatessen assistant to put your items into reusable plastic containers rather than in plastic film
  • use cling film alternatives (beeswax wraps, for example, can be reused for up to a year)
  • hold a 'plastic-free day' at your work, school or at home.

Share your ideas #PlasticFreeWaverley

And don't forget to share the results of your efforts, we'd love to hear from you! #PlasticFreeWaverley

Get more ideas on WWF's Ten tips to reduce your plastic footprint page.

Recycling plastic

If you can't cut out all the plastic waste in your home and work, remember that Waverley residents can recycle most clean and dry plastic pots, tubs and trays and bottles.

For more information check What can i recycle from home? and use the recycling search tool.

What we're doing at Waverley Borough Council

We are taking steps to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that we use in our offices. These include:

  • encouraging local businesses to sign up to Refill - a campaign to prevent plastic pollution by making it easier to reuse and refill your bottle instead of buying a new one.
  • active participation in Surrey County Council's Single Use Plastic Reduction Working Group. It is supporting Surrey to become a single use plastic free county. See Surrey County Council's Single Use Plastic Policy (PDF)
  • supporting any plastic-free initiatives and campaigns, such as #PlasticFreeTuesday or #StirCrazy.

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