Help us recycle more - bin hangers

You can recycle up to 80% of your household waste from home, saving money, resources and the environment. 

However, please make sure you put the right materials in your recycling bin.

If you don't, entire lorry loads of recycling can be rejected at Veolia's material recycling facility. This wastes all of our efforts to reduce the amount we throw away and costs Waverley Borough Council residents thousands of pounds a year.

How can you help?

Please only add items we can recycle to your recycling bin. Your bin should have a sticker that lists these items. You can also check What can I recycle from home?

If you need additional or replacement stickers please contact us at or telephone 01483 523524.

Bin hangers

It is important  we  reduce the amount of material that we put out for collection  which cannot be taken to be recycled.

If you add the wrong materials to your recycling bin, it will not be emptied. The collection crew will leave a hanger on the bin, showing the items that can't be recycled. 

Red hangers


Your bin will not  be emptied. You will need to remove the items we can't recycle and wait for your next scheduled collection.



More information

For a full list of what can and can't be recycled, visit 'What can I recycle from home?'

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