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Frequently asked questions for rubbish and recycling

Should I put my silver food waste caddy out for collection?

No, only the green caddy should be put out for collection, the silver caddy is for use within your home. Only the green caddy will be collected from the kerbside.

Which sort of bags am I able to put in my food waste caddy?

You may now use plastic bags to line your food waste caddy. 

Please do not, however, use plastic packaging or dispose of additional plastic bags in the caddy.

Can I put supermarket carrier bags in my blue recycling wheelie bin?

No, we are currently unable to recycle plastic films which include carrier bags. Please put carrier bags in your household rubbish bin or take them to your local supermarket.

I live on my own and do not have a lot of food waste, do I have to use the food waste collection service?

We would still encourage you to take part even if you only generate a small amount of food waste. It is better for it to be recycled then sent to landfill. If you have space, you could buy a subsidised food digester.

Find out more on the Surrey Environment Partnership website

When are the Community Recycling Centres (the tip or dump) open?

Specific opening hours for your local Community Recycling Centre can be found on the Surrey County Council website.

Can I take a van or trailer into a Community Recycling Centre (tip or dump)?

Yes, but you will need a free permit from Surrey County Council.

Can I put garden waste in my bin?

We are not allowed to collect garden waste from your wheelie bin. You can sign up to our Garden waste collection service or compost your waste.There are other ways to dispose of your garden waste in Waverley. 

Can I put biodegradable packaging, such as egg boxes, into my caddy?

No, but cardboard and plastic packaging, with the exception of expanded polystyrene and films, can be put into your blue recycling bin.

Does Waverley collect rubbish, recycling and food waste as normal on bank holidays?

Yes, we collect on bank holidays, except over the Christmas period. Over Christmas and New Year the collection dates may change. We will update our website to show you your collection dates.

I'm worried that the food caddy will attract flies and vermin. How can I avoid this?

The food waste container will be emptied weekly. To avoid any unwanted pests we advise that you keep the handle in the locked position. See Health, hygiene and smells for advice.

How do I order a new or additional food caddy/recycling/refuse bin?

You may order new or additional food waste caddies and recycling bins free of charge.  Fill in the online recycling container request form.

If you need a replacement black wheelie bin, we may be able to offer a small wheelie bin (140 litre) free of charge. Please call the Environmental Services team on 01483 523524 to enquire.  If you need a larger size bin (240 litre), you will need to buy one.

Now that over 80% of our waste can be recycled a small bin (140 litre) may be sufficient and we are happy to provide additional recycling bins completely free of charge.

If you are moving to a new property you will need to purchase either a 140 litre or 240 litre wheeled refuse bin

Could someone help me move my bins out for collection?

Yes, if you are unable to move your bins or caddies to the edge of your property you may be eligible for additional assistance under the council's Assisted Collection scheme.

Do I need to remove the plastic windows from my envelopes for recycling?

No, these are removed as part of the recycling process.

Where does my recycling go?

All of our our recycling food waste is taken to re-processors to be recycled. More information on 'What happens to your recycling?'.

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