Solar PV panels on council homes

Solar PV Panels differ from ordinary energy sources and the power generated from the panels cannot be stored for use at your convenience. This means all power must be used as it is produced to make the most of the system. Any excess power is exported back to the grid.

To maximise your energy from your solar panels:

  • Use high energy appliances during the day to maximise your solar energy use. These include washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, kettles and anything with a heat element.
  • Use high energy appliances during clear, sunny days, if possible. Solar panels work best in direct sunlight so sometimes it's a good idea to monitor the weather and avoid big washes, for example, during a period of cloudy weather.

Problems with your Solar panels

Your solar panels are guaranteed to work for at least 25 years, so should require the minimum amount of maintenance.

Troubleshooting tips

If you've had a power cut and the power is back on, please ensure that your RCD (circuit breaker) switch for the PV system on your fuse board is pushed back to the ON position.

Check with your energy company to ensure your electrical metre is not due to be replaced, sometimes old or faulty metres give incorrect readings, misleading you about your energy consumption.


Ecovision monitor and maintain the solar panels.  Please call them if you have any other problems on 01453 796790.

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