Running a business from a council home

If you wish to run a business or trade in your home, you will need to apply for written consent first.

Before we give permission, we have to be sure that it will not interfere with the property or cause a nuisance to local people. You may also need to get planning permission or you may have to get a licence.

Please contact the Housing Customer Services team:

If you have not had our permission to run a business from your home and we find you are doing so, we will ask you to stop. We can take legal action if necessary.

You can't run a business from a garage or parking area

You cannot run any business or trade in a council owned garage or parking area, or in any shared or communal area. This is because it may interfere with other people using the space as part of their normal, legal activity. You may also be breaching planning regulations or causing breaches of the council's insurance policy.

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