Opportunities to have your say

Tenants Panel

The Tenants Panel are a group of volunteers who strive to represent the interests of Waverley's Council Tenants on matters relating to Waverley housing services.

Joining the Tenants Panel is a great way to get more involved in your local community and the Housing Service. You will:

  • attend meetings
  • talk to council tenants on the phone or in their home
  • help shape council housing policies
  • monitor council performance information
  • take part in local community activities.

Designated Persons Panel

The Designated Persons Panel helps to resolve housing problems quickly and locally by reviewing the way the council handles tenants’ complaints. You would:

  • Use your local knowledge, contacts and relationships to work with tenants and the council to solve issues constructively.
  • Challenge the council and tenants to find jointly agreed solutions wherever possible.
  • Be part of a local democratic framework that gives more power to tenants.
  • Build up local knowledge to give feedback to help improve complaints handling.

Scrutiny Group

The Scrutiny Group provides a formal way for residents to co-regulate the Housing service. The involvement of tenants and leaseholders in residents' scrutiny of these crucial areas can significantly help improve:

  • overall resident involvement in the organisation
  • the housing service customer focus
  • the drive for continuous improvement in service delivery
  • the best use of resources.

Become a Waverley volunteer

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