The future of culture in Waverley

Cultural Strategy 2016-2026

“Arts and culture enrich our lives. They fire our imaginations, challenge, inspire, educate and entertain us. Everyone should be able to visit or experience a high-quality museum, library or live performance or participate in a cultural activity. These experiences open us to reflection, engender debate and critical thinking, and deepen our understanding of the world.” Arts Council England

The Cultural Strategy sets out our vision for culture in Waverley until 2026:

“Waverley will be known for its culture; which will celebrate its rich and diverse history, be grounded in the striking aesthetics of the borough and be community centred.”

The strategy seeks to make sure that culture plays a full role in making Waverley a better place to live and work. With limited funds available, the strategy provides a focus for how the council and our partners should work together to develop the diverse and vibrant culture.

Through our research and consultation we have developed a strategy with three key objectives:

  • to create opportunities
  • to help enhance and shape the identity of towns and villages
  • to deliver the right conditions to help culture thrive in the borough.

These objectives can be summed up as people, places and partnership.


This is about acknowledging the role culture plays in the community, enhancing the attractiveness and vitality of towns, villages and the countryside.

We will be collaborating with partners to create public art, support emerging artists and allocating funding from development to deliver cultural activities and facilities.


This is about improving access to cultural opportunities, enabling all sections of the community to realise their potential.

We will be creating opportunities to educate, inspire and enrich people’s lives, support work rooted in local communities, encourage engagement and improve the wellbeing of our communities.


This is about working in close partnership with people, cultural organisations and businesses to create the links that will help our culture and communities to thrive.

We will be facilitating networking and collaboration between cultural sector organisations, artists and practitioners to create the right conditions to help culture thrive.

Download the Cultural Strategy summary

Download the full Cultural Strategy documents


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