Housing Benefit payments over Christmas

Housing Benefit payments will be paid on the normal days over the Christmas and New Year period.

For more information, please call 01483 523596.

Making a new claim

Please call 01483 523596 to make a new claim. You will also be offered an appointment to visit our offices to have your claim assessed.

Find out about Making a new claim for benefit.

Change of circumstance

You must tell us about all changes in circumstances immediately. It is a criminal offence not to report a change.

For more information, please see Changes that could affect your benefit.

Other benefits

Find out about all the different types of benefits you may be entitled to in the Benefits section of gov.uk.

Privacy notice

We will use the information you provide to process your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support application. We may share your information (for verification and fraud prevention) with other departments within the council, other local authorities and the Department for Works and Pensions. Your information will be held for 70 years.