Our garden waste recycling collection service offers fortnightly collections of your domestic garden waste.

New subscribers


If you subscribe, Check your garden waste collection day online.

New subscribers

You can choose to have one or more 240 litre bins for your fortnightly garden waste collection service.

Once you have paid, we will confirm your subscription details.

A brown bin will be delivered to your property and collections will begin approximately 4 weeks after payment has been made. 

This is a non refundable service.

We do not collect from any commercial premises.

How much you pay

Joining the  service will cost £80  (this includes a one off charge of £20 for the bin)

How to sign up

You can pay online annually or sign up with direct debit, which will automatically renew your subscription each year.

Pay by direct debit

Direct debit new joiner form (PDF)

Pay online

Subscribe to garden waste collection online

Pay by phone

You can also call us to pay over the phone, please call 01483 523524.

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The charge to renew your subscription to the garden waste collection service will be £60 for each bin.  

Renew online

Renew garden waste collection online

Change to pay by direct debit

Direct debit renewals form (PDF)

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Collection days

To ensure a problem free collection service please ensure your bin is presented at your property boundary by 7am on your collection day.

Do not overfill your bin or leave additional garden waste next to the bin as this will not be collected.

Check your garden waste collection day online.

What we collect

Please put your garden waste into your bin loose and do not bag it.

Yes please:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge cuttings
  • weeds
  • small branches
  • leaves
  • prunings
  • fallen fruit (please don't make the bin too heavy)

No thank you:

  • bags or sacks
  • soil/turf
  • concrete/rubble
  • vegetable peelings
  • kitchen waste
  • animal waste
  • general household waste
  • coal and wood ash.

Need another bin?

If you have already paid to have one or more bins emptied and would like extra bins then please contact us waste@waverley.gov.uk or telephone the team on 01483 523524.

Where your garden waste goes

Your garden waste is collected separately to your other household waste and recycling and is used to produce compost for the horticulture industry.

Do you live down a road or lane with limited access?

Limited access to a few roads or lanes in the borough may mean our contractor cannot collect from some addresses so please do check with us first if you think this might be the case where you live.

Text reminders

You can request a text message to remind you of your next collection date by completing the online form

More information

For more information, please see garden waste service FAQs.

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